Tenancy law

I worked as a legal advisor at the tenant’s association (Mieterverband) of the canton Zurich for more than two years and advise you on all areas of tenancy law and leasehold law as well as in the context of pending procedures at the courts for tenancy matters and conciliation authorities.

This concerns the following problem areas: Attendance at contract negotiations with respect to lease objects, compilation and control of rental agreements and lease agreements as well as advice during existing tenancy concerning rent increase, rent reduction, faults of the tenancy object, owner change, deposit of the rents, challenge of rent increases and notices of termination, advice in the context of the dissolution respectively the notice of termination of rental and lease agreements and expulsions.

Important for new tenants: The starting rent can and should be contested within 30 days.

Important during the tenancy: Every increase of the rent can and should be contested within 30 days. Also every contractual termination within 30 days.

Before a new tenancy: Show your contract to a lawyer if you feel insecure of go to the “Mieterverband” (www.mieterverband.ch).