Law on foreign nationals / asylum law

In the law on foreign nationals, deadlines have to be respected and these are often very short. Avoid loss of time and contact me as quickly as possible. Often it concerns a possible revocation of the right of residence or even the permanent residence permit. Here it is important to inform yourself judicially before the first contact with the immigration authority. The same is true with the asylum law. There, for instance in the so called Dublin regulation, a very short deadline of 5 days has to be respected!

The law on foreign nationals in Switzerland  is complicated. If you wish to bring your wife or children from your home country to Switzerland you better avoid to contact the authorities before having consulted with a lawyer.

In the asylum law I support you after a negative decision of the SEM in Bern. Also I write reconsideration requests for you to the SEM when the facts of your case have changed in a significant way or if new proof has surfaced. Or I help you with a second or third request for asylum.

Important: I can also support you with your application for asylum. Furthermore, if you have received a so called “F-Bewilligung” at the end of the asylum procedure, you have more possibilities after five years. As of then, if certain other requirements are fulfilled, you can submit a petition for a “B-Aufenthaltsbewilligung”.

I am also a human rights lawyer and support you if you want to appeal to the European court for human rights (EGMR).