Criminal Law

Everybody can – be it rightly or wrongly – be suspected of having committed an offence respectively be involved in a criminal investigation or even be put into pre-trial detention. This has massive impacts on all areas of life for the concerned person. For instance on the familiar or social condition and also at the workplace. Even if the suspicion – which does not occur so rarely as often commonly supposed – proves retrospectively unjustified, these negative consequences can often not be rescinded as such.

The adherence of procedure prescriptions and the rights of defence are therefore precisely of fundamental importance at the beginning of a criminal investigation. The goal at this stage is to limit the harmful consequences for the concerned persons as far as possible. During a criminal procedure, the civil liberty of the person is often quite severely limited.

Therefore, the assistance as early as possible and the fast reaction of a criminal defence lawyer is often decisive for the outcome of the procedure. Contact me therefore also before you go to an interrogation at the police, the public prosecutor’s office or an authority. If you are involved in a traffic accident, remain silent, already at the scene of the accident. You are entitled by law to say nothing. Make use of it. Therefore, don’t speak to anyone, not to the police and not to other persons present. The area of activities of criminal law includes the criminal defence, the criminal procedure law, the road traffic law, the criminal law relating to young offenders, the representation of the injured and victims, and the criminal law in the area of administration, such as for instance the environmental criminal law or the foreigners criminal law. This also includes subjects as domestic violation, stalking and the complaint of an offence.

If a criminal investigation has been opened against you or a related party to you or if this person is already arrested, you should contact me immediately.

Important: Have you received a legal paper called “Strafbefehl” and are punished? You can contest it within 10 days, if you think you are not guilty of these allegations.  As an accused person you do not have to substantiate the contestation. But before going to the police or to the state attorney for an interrogation I suggest you consult a lawyer first.