The legal advice begins generally with a counselling interview in my office. As needed, this interview may also take place at your place. For a flat rate of Fr. 200.- a unique verbal introductory interview with a maximum of up to one hour will be answered with a compilation of the facts and approaches to solving a problem and questions from you. After an introductory interview, it is generally well possible to estimate, if and how the continuation of the case is worthwhile and which steps are to be done next.
For which will be followed by analysing my means of works standard and the adjudication according to an agreed hourly rate between Fr. 250.- und Fr. 330.-. Specialised literature will be consulted. Chances, risks and options to proceed, particularly also the risks of cost are established and presented. The result will be explained verbally and on demand also communicated in writing, and the execution of writing to the opposite party or of legal writings will begin.
The fees are subject to the Value Added Tax. Services for customers abroad are exempt of the Value Added Tax. In addition, a flat rate of 3% of the fees will be invoiced for small expenses (postage, fees for phone and fax, copies, travel expenses within the city of Zurich).
Not included in the flat rate of expenses are travels outside the city of Zurich, cost for courier services and third party invoices (e.g. extracts from trade register or debt enforcement register, plan copies, authentications and certifications, translations and interpreter, etc.).
The fees/advancement can be paid in my office by cash, by means of EC Card or Credit Card or be transferred in advance on my account for advanced payment

Bank connection for accomplishment of an advanced payment:
Postfinance, Account Number 89-123474-0
IBAN: CH35 0900 0000 8912 3474 0; BIC POFICHBEXXX
Rechtsanwaltsbüro Daniel Hoffmann
Kernstrasse 37
8004 Zürich

The following three links indicate the kind of legal advice respectively give you the possibility to operate also online an advanced payment.